Tips for creating Spiritual Content:

  1. Explore/Add/Create Spiritual Content across any and all belief systems. Find Your Path!
  2. Search & add links to spiritual readings, art, videos and music. Set each of your posts to public or private.
  3. iTunes: easily drag inspirational songs from iTunes to your desktop then to pocket.rev.
  4. Check your Spiritual Health: do more of what’s working for You. Ignite Your Spirit!

Tips for viewing Spiritual Content: When viewing Spiritual Content, you can view & rate content from anyone in your community!

  1. Sort spiritual content by author, category or type.
  2. Click on the picture for an expanded view of the spiritual content.
  3. Play music and videos directly from pocket.rev.
  4. Bookmarks allow you to collect/organize spiritual content any way you’d like.
  5. Don’t Forget: use the Spiritual Impact Rating Legend to rate your experience with all Spiritual Content.


Your personal report provides a summary of your Spiritual Impact Ratings for the content you have viewed and engaged with. This real-time reporting feature will help you understand what’s working for your spiritual growth. You can also sort by category and/or type to identify what is working for you!

What’s a Spiritual Impact Rating? Spiritual Impact Ratings range from 1 star (No Impact) through 5 stars (Epiphany: Life Changing Moment). After viewing content, give it a Spiritual Impact Rating based on how it impacts you. Get spiritual check-ups as often as you like by viewing your Spiritual Health. See what’s most impactful and do more of it!

Use the Spiritual Impact Rating Legend to guide how you rate spiritual content:

Don’t Forget: Do more of what’s working for you!