Pastah J on People & Place

People and place are crucial aspects of our faith. People are molded and shaped by their place, consciously and unconsciously. Pastah J talks seriously about the churches need to reconnect and reinvest in geographical places for the sake of the people God has placed there.

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Canaan Community Church

Canaan Community Church is a church carefully listening to the voices of our neighbors in the community and responding to what God is doing in their lives. We are committed to seeing the people of the West Englewood nieghborhood, on the south side of Chicago, and surrounding communities wholistically restored through God’s redeeming power at work in both the local church and other organizations that care about redemptive work. The focus of our congregation and community is bringing forth the idea of the Hebrew word “Shalom” which is usually translated as peace. However, it is more accurately defined as nothing missing, nothing broken. Imagine a community where we have everything we need?

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