Spiritual Books to Read in 2018

I’m planning to read at least 12 books related to my spirituality this year. Some are long time faves, worth re-reading. Here are my first 3 titles…

I love Louise Hey because of her in-depth work and study of how we manifest spiritual/emotional/mental issues into our physical health. “You Can Heal Your Body A – Z” is an enlightening read.

I’ve heard the title “The Celestine Prophecy” many times, am just getting around to reading this one.

“The Alchemist” is an all time favorite! I’ve read it a few times, with fresh eyes every time.


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Soul to Soul (OWN)

How does one define the soul? What is its purpose?  In this collection of interview excerpts from the SuperSoul Sunday special Soul to Soul, Oprah poses this thought-provoking question to a trio of spiritual luminaries: Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Father Richard Rohr and the woman Oprah called mentor-mother-sister-friend, the iconic Dr. Maya Angelou. The late Dr. Angelou told Oprah, “The soul is the spirit, which longs for all.”

Here, discover what these thought leaders had to say about one of the central questions of our spiritual lives.


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You Can Move Mountains

Whatever you’re going through may feel impossible at the moment, but know you have everything you need to make it better. Don’t focus on what you cannot do, focus on all the things you can do.


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Welcome to pocket.rev!

Finally, an app to help with spiritual growth!

pocket.rev is designed to help you with your spiritual growth and with your spiritual content management. Using this app, you are able to design spiritual experiences & learning on your own terms. You’ll also have access to real-time data on what’s actually working for you. No more guessing or spending years searching for the answers you need: pocket.rev will help you Find Your Path. 

An important feature of the app is our Spiritual Impact Rating system; be sure to rate content based on your actual experience with the content using the ratings legend. By doing so, you’ll be able to easily understand what’s working for you and choose more spiritual experiences & content that will Ignite Your Spirit.

As the first users of our beta version, we are looking forward to your feedback on your experience using the app. Your suggestions and constructive feedback are critical to us; please send comments, suggestions and your own stories to us at joy@pocketrev.com at any time.

Welcome and Thank You for trying pocket.rev — we’re excited to walk with you along your spiritual journey!

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